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Release Date: 2005  () 
Lyrics By: Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan () 
Music By: Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan () 
Produced By: a Steve Oedekerk animation () 
Released By: This cRaZy MusicVideo is NOT released () 
Published By: Universal Songs Of Polygram International Inc. (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Licensing: BMI  #254333 (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Song Lyrics:
I like cows, I think they're cute
Walkin' in their big cow suit
They give me milk, they give me cheese
They give me hoof and mouth disease
I like cows and that's no bull
Around the cowhouse, I got pull
If cream and butter ain't enough
She's got lots of udder stuff

Who gives me milk? Who gives me cheese?
Who gives me hoof and mouth disease?
I like to have my friends around
(But) I'll take cows when the chips are down

I dig the ducks down on the lake (quack quack quack)
They're fun to pet or roast or bake
They got no hair, and they got no teeth
Damp and fuzzy underneath

I think that worms are hard to beat
Got no ears and they got no feet
Pop 'em in the ice cube tray
Drop 'em and they ricochet
(Repeat chorus and fade)

Copyright ©1975 by Universal-Songs Of PolyGram Int'l, Inc. (BMI). Words and music by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by kind permission of the author.
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Played on 3 shows:
05-25-19, #AOTA-19052511-12-00, #00-46
04-08-18, #OTR-4-14
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Messages about the song: "Cows"
  Offline  -   -  12-07-05 07:40 AM  -  14 years ago

We have to disappoint our fans.

Cows MusicVideo is NOT a release, its just a one-off thing for NON-COMMERCIAL use. Until we get permission by Steve Oedekerk to use his animation, it stays that way.

Cows MusicVideo has been made for all the cattle farmers in the world who lost their entire livelyhoods and ALL their belongings as the sad result of the hoof and mouth disease outbreaks.

The music itself, song and lyric are 100% in order for broadcasting.

The making of the MusicVideo;
We had the song of course; "Cows" and whilst editing it we remembered that way back, a longtime friend gave us a CD containing small cuts of humoristic scenes. We went thru it, and came accross the mad cow motion picture animation.

Totally blanc information; No credits, No titles there. THIS very motion picture just happened to fit so well to the music that it looked like it was actually made for it. To belong to the song itself. As if it was made for it. We took the chance. Edited the motion picture to fit the song.

Our USA webmaster found the name of the original producer by chance. We instantly reported that we have been editing his motion picture to Steve Oedekerk's webmaster, weeks ago. No reply to date yet!

In case this MusicVideo goes commercial, we do need the full OK from Steve Oedekerk as author OR his legal virtual representative mr. Ace Ventura.

So that's it. We did all we could. So you all enjoy.

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