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Duration: 3:11 
Release Date: 6/13/2008  (oddaustin) 
Lyrics By: Lyrics by Austin Aeschliman (oddaustin) 
Music By: Lyrics by Austin Aeschliman (oddaustin) 
Produced By: Ted Wilson (oddaustin) 
Released By: Idolize W.A.Y. Recordings (oddaustin) 
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president

I'm tha flyest president you've ever seen
I'm the coolest president cause I'm obscene
Wanna a hair due like this? There's no way
Like every other rad president it's gray
Goin' to the polls, yo vote for me son
Otherwise I'll accuse you of treason
When I break the ladies hearts gotta give um so tissues
I know I'm handsome but think of the issues
I'm 70 years old yo I am young
The other day some teen gave me a lung
But even though I'm awesome I gotta note
I got the popular and electoral vote
So if any Al-Qaeda wanna be a destoya
Come on down and you can meet my lawyas

I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president

I grew up in the mean streets of DC
Wanna run yo you can't beat me
Cause lets go man to the debate
I'll tear down your thoughts you just wait
Cause if another clown wants to be da vice
Back off dawg cause I ain't nice
I'll lower taxes that for sure
Crack open a window cause it's hot in herre
Cause all the other weren't doin the trick
When Nixon spoke it made me sick
But even though I already won
I'm changin my party to republican
I used to be democrat and independent
Got all this money don't know how to spend it
I used to be a government mouse
Now homie I live in da white house

I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president

I'm the president of the USA
And that's okay
Ownin' the world wit my girls
Don't tell my wife
She might pull out a knife
I'm not just spittin'
I'm just like Clinton
Cause everybody thought I was poor
Now I've started the 3rd World War
Cause I pressed the botton
Now they're all head buttin'
Don't gimme no slacks that don't go down to my toes
Gimme Sean John and Bling Bling, yo!
Cause in four years at the next election
I'll win cause I'm a Texan
All the electors voted for me
Even though I paid em off still they see
And every time I hear he's a has-been, he's gay
I'll have secret service take em away
Cause I've been impeached today
Well till next time I got one thing to say!

I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president
I wanna b yo president

Yo, we outta here
Everybody, everybody in the DC
Put your hands in the air
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yeah uh
We out.

Lyrics Copyrigh 2008: Austin Aeschliman
All rights reserved, unauthorized use is totally whack, yo!

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