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I'm Leaving The Fandom 
By: Rhubarb
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Duration: 4:51 
Release Date: 9/8/2011 
Lyrics By: Rhubarb (Max DeGroot) 
Music By: Rhubarb (Max DeGroot) 
Produced By: Rhubarb (Max DeGroot) 
Released By: Rhubarb (Max DeGroot) 
Published By: Rhubarb (Max DeGroot) 
Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:
CALAMITY: Rhubarb, I say, your future's looking very bright!

RHUBARB: Yeah, whatever....

CALAMITY: Your musicals are a big hit at every con they play,
you're guest of honor at Wild Nights, and every day
you make new fans!

RHUBARB: That's nice, Calamity Cougar, but it's not enough.

CALAMITY: Not enough? It's still growing! You just gotta
give it time!

RHUBARB: Time's up. Sorry, Calamity, but there is only one left for me to do.

CALAMITY: Wh-wh-what's that?

RHUBARB: I'm leaving the fandom.


RHUBARB: I shall no longer be a fan.
I'm leaving the fandom.

CALAMITY: You can't do that!

RHUBARB: I'm getting out while I still can.
I'm leaving the fandom.

CALAMITY: Nononononono! No, you don't!

RHUBARB: Hiding the fursuit in a box.
I'm going through Facebook, unfriending each person
Who looks like a skunk or a fox.
I'm leaving the fandom.

CALAMITY: I eliminate foxes also.

RHUBARB: Making no more convention trips
And words like "fursona" never again shall leave my lips.
I regret every moment I've spent in this scene
And it's been a real downer so far.
I'm leaving the fandom, Au revior!

CALAMITY: Is that your whole song?

RHUBARB: No. I just need to get my background singers.


RHUBARB: I'm staging a rage quit. I'm to abruptly disappear.
I've given my live's blood, but no one appreciates me here!

CALAMITY: That's not true!

RHUBARB: I struggle and sweat over each line of lyric
To make it the best it can be
And then Blotch draws a wolf with a pee pee
And garners a million more pageviews than me!

I'm leaving the fandom, I won't be here after today!
I'm spending this evening purging my gallery on FA!
When you see the message, "Submission Deleted"
You'll know I'm moving on!
I'm leaving the fandom, and you'll miss me when I'm gone!

And now, the last guitar solo I will ever play for the fandom!

CALAMITY: Can you make it sound like Queen?

RHUBARB: Disavowing the fandom.

CALAMITY: You're making a big mistake.

RHUBARB: I won't admit the things I've done.
Like the time con security busted me
Wearing my Laserwolf fursuit and carrying my
Red non-peace bonded broken Nerf gun!

Forget that I said that, just know that...

I'm leaving the fandom. I'm done with putting up with flack!
Really leaving the fandom! Funday Pawpets, I won't be back!
At every convention, I meet certain people
Who get just a bit too excited,
And they have private parties, explore their proclivities...
Those bastards! I'm never invited!

CALAMITY: I never get invited either.

RHUBARB: As the drama curtain falls.
Ranting Gryphon doesn't remember me, Kage won't return my calls!
I won't know if Hower puts this in the playlist
'Cause I won't be listening in!
I'm leaving the fandom! I'm a fur-has-been!

CALAMITY: But your music!

RHUBARB: Just leave all the music to Bucktown and Matthew
And Colson and Sublevel 3!
'Though I fully except Max DeGroot to record his own parody!

DEGROOT: Already working on it!

RHUBARB: I'm leaving the fandom, really leaving the fandom,
I'm so done with this fandom, so please try not to cry.

CALAMITY: Hold on... If you're leaving the fandom,
Then why do I still see a stubby little excuse
for a bear tail on your butt?

RHUBARB: It's to give you something to kiss goodbye!

CALAMITY: Quitter...
(Max DeGroot)
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