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Duration: 3:10 (Plastic Bastards) 
Release Date: 12/4/2015  (Plastic Bastards) 
Lyrics By: Patrick Burns a.k.a. Will Wonkers & Eugene Chiovari a.k.a. Ned Nugent (Plastic Bastards) 
Music By: Patrick Burns a.k.a. Will Wonkers & Eugene Chiovari a.k.a. Ned Nugent (Plastic Bastards) 
Produced By: Patrick Burns a.k.a. Will Wonkers & Eugene Chiovari a.k.a. Ned Nugent (Plastic Bastards) 
Released By:
Published By: Mr. Whadaphukinhel Records (Plastic Bastards) 
Licensing: BMI (Plastic Bastards) 
Song Lyrics:

Christmas time is in the air
With presents under the tree
Unless of course, you've been a naughty child
Then you'll burn in the bowels of hell...

Christmas is canceled
The Yule Tide dismantled
The presents you bought
Will soon be for naught
Your joy and good tidings
Will run into hiding
When Krampus is coming to town!
Your holiday cheer
And all you hold dear
Will soon be forgotten
As memories gone rotten
His pain you will feel
As you squirm and squeal
When Krampus is coming to town!

He'll lash you with his tongue
He'll bite you with his teeth
He'll pull you down deep to drown
In a pit of fire beneath!
With big pointy horns
And wrists in a shackle
Your blood will run cold
When you hear him cackle!

If you misbehaved
Then you'll be enslaved
He'll screw down your thumbs
Shove coal up your bum!
Old Krampus lay's waste
And Santa's disgraced
When Krampus is coming to town!

You say what's that stench?
You say what's that smell?
It's brimstone direct from
The fiery depths of hell!
He'll snatch you up quick
He'll stuff you in his basket
He's the ANTI Claus who
Puts you in a casket!

He doesn't care if you are sleeping
He'll beat you wide awake
He knows that you've been bad - not good.
He'll drown you in the lake... OF FIRE!!!!!

Your future looks bleak
You're way up the creek
Your status quite dire
He'll drown you in fi re!
So go pout and cry
Cause you're doomed to die
When Krampus is coming to town!

There's nowhere to run
There's nowhere to hide
Your yuletide probation has been denied!
He'll kick you with his hooves
He'll whip you with his switch
Man being on Krampus' naughty list
Is such a royal b***h!
When Krampus is coming to town!
When Krampus is coming to town!
When Kram...pus... is co...ming... to toooown!
(Plastic Bastards)
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