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Serutan Yob (A Song For Backward Boys And Girls Under 40) 
By: Red Ingle & The Unnatural Seven
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Duration: 2:53 
Release Date: 1948  (City Slicker) 
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  • I'm a complete nerd about this wonderful song; I've loved it since I was four years old. Because of the Petrillo recording ban of 1948, the only member of the Natural Seven in it is Karen Tedder the singer. Most of the rest (including sound effects) is provided by the famous disc jockey Jim Hawthorne. The song has lots of his 'in' jokes and trademarks (hogan, Skippy, peachy keen, etc.). Only toy or wacky instruments are used: kazoo, ukulele, cardboard box ... The weird noise in the second part of the instrumental bridge is made by Jim Hawthorne's 'hogantwanger': graduated hacksaw blades mounted on a wooden frame. As a hillbilly parody of 'Nature Boy' (as sung by Nat King Cole), why isn't this called 'Erutan Yob'? 'Serutan' and 'under 40' are sneaky references to contemporary commercials for a laxative called 'Serutan' promising regularity to the over 35s. Some people think that Karen Tedder is really Jo Stafford in disguise (Jo Stafford had already recorded 'Temptation' with Red Ingle, as 'Cinderella G. Stump'). There was a real person called Karen Tedder who sang with Red Ingle; but the voice in this song does sound rather like the voice in 'Temptation' ... I really have to get a life. (GojuBob)
  • Supposedly only non-union musicians took part because of strike (no Red Ingle). (City Slicker)
  • Song Lyrics:
    There was a boy,
    A plumb enchanted boy,
    They say he wandered fer,
    Yes he wandered fer,
    On land and sea.
    He was kinda shy with one bad eye,
    But a real wise guy was he.

    And then one day,
    This feller passed my way,
    And, man, we chewed the fat
    About this and that
    And he done said to me:
    “The durndest thing
    You’ll ever learn
    Is how to love …
    [VOICE OFF: Well, whaddya know!]
    And get a little lovin’ right back.”

    [Instrumental bridge, with several interjections:

    One, two, three, four;
    One, two, three, four;
    One, two, three, four;
    One, two, three, four.

    I’m unbelievable, huh?

    Mother nature!

    Tee wooble diddy addy um dum.]

    SKIPPY (One of Jim Hawthorne’s imaginary friends):
    You tell them about the boy, Hartorn.

    HARTORN (one of Jim Hawthorne’s nicknames):
    All right, Skippy. The boy I mean was also peachy keen, a real gone guy from Goneville. He was scatty-boo and oogly too, and he lived in Passahogan. He built his nest …

    VOCALIST (interrupting):
    Yes, that’s the boy …

    Wait! Wait! Wait a minute! Come in later.

    VOCALIST (embarrassed):
    Excuse me!

    That’s all right, but just wait. He built his nest in a big oak tree, and … I gotta skip down … One happy day in a big café, there was something that caught his eye. The menu read, well, here’s what it said: fresh …

    VOCALIST (interrupting again):
    Yes, that’s the boy …

    Wait a minute! Wait! Wait! Fresh hoganberry pie. Oh, neat! …

    … the sad-eyed boy exclaimed …


    VOCALIST (interrupting, successfully this time):
    Yes, that’s the boy …

    Oh, go ahead …

    The plumb enchanted boy,
    That boy that wandered fer, so very fer,
    Over land and sea,
    He was awful shy, account of his bad eye,
    But a real wise guy was he.

    Then one day
    This gasper passed my way,
    And, man, we threw some guff
    About things and stuff,
    And this he said to me …


    The durndest thing you ever learn is just to love and then return,
    And love some more and get a little lovin’ right back.
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